November 15, 2017

Press releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 3rd 2017

Natural Resources Wales have now issued documents as part of a statutory public consultation – they are the Public Body which decides whether to issue a full permit for the Barry Incinerator to operate.

The documents were made available just before 5pm on Monday 27th November, yet it is stated on the NRW website that the public consultation begins on 27th November. The loss of a whole working day within such a limited consultation period running over the Christmas Holidays puts the public at a distinct disadvantage. The Docks Incinerator Action Group said “ Surely these documents should have been made available at 9am rather than the close of the working day, a Public Body should not deal with these things in such a casual manner”

As of Wednesday 29th November – 2 days into the public consultation, only basic information is available on the NRW website  nothing at all it available in the NRW offices. No paper copies are available at Barry Public Library nor at the Barry Town Council offices despite a legal requirement to provide all of the information for people to look at.

A spokesman from DIAG said ”These are the most recent examples of NRW’s offhand way of dealing with the people of Barry during the last 12 months.

When taken with the fact that the parts of the Incinerator are being built without planning permission, it seems that we and the Vale Council Planning department are being treated with distain, both by the incinerator company and the people who are charged with regulating it. It doesn’t bode well for the future if NRW issues a Full permit to operate.

If these people are already playing fast and loose with our laws, do you trust them with your health?

We’re going to fight this all the way and we have cross party support at the top level.”

NOTE to Editors

A substantial number of DIAG members will be attending the Senedd on Wednesday 6th December at 1pm. They will meet personally with the Senior Public Health Officer of Wales, present a bundle of letters to Carwyn Jones, demanding that he refuse the permit. DIAG will be supported by Jane Hutt and Andrew RT Davies in an unprecedented display of cross party support for the Refusal of the Permit. 





At a well-attended Residents meeting in Barry Dock on Tuesday, November 21st, the Docks Incinerator Action Group laid out the next phase of the campaign against the Barry Incinerator. Members of the public and a number of elected Barry Town and Vale of Glamorgan councillors attended the meeting in support. Jane Hutt and Andrew RT Davies sent representatives also.

Councillors and public alike noted that further planning applications have been submitted on and near the Incinerator site on Woodham Road. All were incensed that building work has already begun this week, without planning permission and generally agreed that the company are showing complete disrespect for the Vale Council and the people of Barry.

Many people also claimed to be confused by NRW’s announcements in last week’s press that they were planning to issue a draft permit. A DIAG spokesperson said “it is unacceptable that the legally required public consultation process over the last 12 months has been so poorly conducted by NRW. The people of Barry have no idea of the procedure for deciding on Environmental permits for such a complex installations. DIAG will be assisting the people of Barry to call the NRW as the Relevant Authority to account.”

During the meeting, many members of the public expressed fear and worry about the health effects of the Incinerator. It was firmly agreed that the full environmental impacts of the proposed Incinerator have not been properly considered.

The Docks Incinerator Action Group and the people of Barry Dock agreed to demand that the Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones, use his legal powers to direct Natural Resources Wales to REFUSE the permit and end this debacle once and for all. The ultimate power to stop this potential disaster for Barry lies with the Labour Administration.


The Barry Docks Incinerator Action Group (DIAG) is deeply disappointed that NRW has not taken the opportunity to reject the Aviva application to operate a wood waste “gasification” incinerator in Barry given the issues the group has identified in the application.
NRW will issue a letter by December 1st confirming at this time they are minded to grant the permit to operate the incinerator on David Davies Road. This letter is not the grant of the permit. It will set out the reasons why NRW reached this interim conclusion and invite further representations before a final decision is made in the new year. The consultation will be a minimum of 4 weeks over the Christmas period. DIAG will continue to try to convince NRW that a permit should not be granted.

DIAG has been calling on Natural Resources Wales to reject the waste wood incinerator’s application for an operating permit on the grounds that its developers have still not addressed serious health and safety questions, particularly around air emissions modelling and fire safety.

DIAG joint vice-chair Dennis Clarke said: “We are mystified as to NRW’s reasoning and how they can justify this draft decision given the problems we have identified in this application. We encourage the residents of Barry to continue to fight this battle as the incinerator is still the wrong development in the wrong place. A plant of this nature should not be operating so close to schools and homes.
“We agree wholeheartedly with Jane Hutt AM that the consultation must be at least 8 weeks. NRW’s previous consultations on this matter coincided with Christmas last year, then Easter and a local election period, and the holiday month of August. NRW cannot reasonably expect the working people of Barry to make representations on this decision during the Christmas period.
“DIAG consists of volunteers from across Barry and the Vale of Glamorgan of different ages and from different walks of life. What unites us is our determination to protect our children, family and friends from an incinerator funded by a corporation which we fear is more interested in public subsidies than our health.
“We are grateful for cross-party support from Jane Hutt AM and Alun Cairns MP, plus several councillors and Barry Town Council.”


  • DIAG submitted a 100-plus page response to the NRW’s latest round of consultation. We are awaiting the NRW decision to see if they have taken our submission into account.
  • DIAG has collected 10,000 signatures on a petition against the incinerator in a town with a population of approx. 55,000 people.
  • Barry has a younger than average population compared with the rest of Wales and it is forecast that the school population will expand, presumably due to extensive housebuilding which is attracting young families.
  • There are 12 schools within a 2km radius of the incinerator. Also within 1km is one of the most deprived wards in the UK.
  • DIAG has also written to every Welsh Assembly member urging them to review issues of national importance raised by the Barry Incinerator permitting process and poor public consultation. The group has called for an inquiry into the procedural failings that led to this incinerator being given planning permission, and an inquiry into the health impacts of biomass, which appears to be on the increase across Wales as a source of power generation. We are urging all Assembly members and ministers to review whether the regulation around so-called renewable biomass is adequate for public protection.