November 17, 2017

What you can do now…

You may have seen in the news that NRW are “minded to grant the permit” for the Barry incinerator – this isn’t their final decision though and we are still fighting on several fronts, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP.

There’s a way to stop all of this dead in its tracks

  • What is a draft permit? How we can stop it?

It is essentially a legal process by NRW that states they believe they have all the information that shows Biomass can operate this plant in a safe manor. It will be part of a new consultation where we finally get to see all the information from Biomass which supposedly answers all the concerns raised thus far.

We do not yet have this information.

  • NEW planning application by Biomass for new changes

Biomass have submitted a new planning application to VOG Council for a new water tank which is already being constructed. This is a chance for us to object as much as possible and to put pressure on the planning councillors to refuse this planning application. If it is refused, the NRW permit cannot be issued.

You can read our recent press release here following the recent NRW announcement.

You can read our 130 page response document outlining the questions Biomass have still failed to answer.

Please write as soon as possible to the members of the Vale of Glamorgan council planning committee asking them to reject the application to vary the planning permission. The planning commitee are made up of the councillors listed below.

We are calling on you to do THREE things:

  1. Register your objection to the planning.


2. Download this PDF letter to Carwyn Jones. Put your name/address on the top, and sign at the bottom.

Either Post it to the Senydd or hand it to us.

3. Tell the planning committee what you think of this and ask them to refuse this application.

You can email all 17 of them with a single email address which is: – this email is NOT for registering objections, just to express your views to the councillors.

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